New Embedded Vault could be a Crypto “Game- Changer

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Embedded Downloads, the developers of the BitVault®, the world’s first blockchain smartphone, announced today the launch and roadmap for their new product, Embedded Vault. The company called this new product a “game changer”.


“We believe that this product is going to be a “game changer” as it is the only product that uses inputs from the users own hardware, the user himself/herself and blockchain cryptography to create a secure environment for managing cryptofinance, communication and data management without the need to purchase any new hardware.”


According to the company, you can now turn any computer into a secure hardware wallet and also get the features of secure crypto communication without purchasing additional hardware.

How is this possible?

You are the key.




Embedded Downloads pioneered the concept of “Dynamic Key Creation”, a solution where the private encryption keys are dynamically created by the user and are NEVER stored anywhere thus keeping it out of reach of hackers


Turn any Laptop or Computer into a secure hardware wallet:


Yes, your PC can now be a secure hardware wallet for your cryptocurrency and it will be more secure than a traditional hardware wallet device because as we have stated before, the keys are not stored on the device and can only be recreated by the user using dynamic key creation.


Turn your Laptop or Computer into a secure crypto communicator:


Want to keep all your communication and data management encrypted and secure? Now the applications that are available to enterprises on the BitVault® will be available on your PC or laptop turning it into a secure crypto communication and blockchain enabled device.


Here are some of the applications that will be available in the Embedded Vault.


Secure Messaging:

Your PC or Laptop will be enabled to use advanced cryptography to enable public key to public key messaging.

Cryptocurrency transactions [ EOT ]  and blockchain verification are used to create multi-layer encryptions.


Secure Calling :

The same cryptographic methods are used for secure calling.  Users will be able to make an encrypted person to person or even a conference call.


Secure Document Transfer:

Your PC or laptop will be enabled to facilitate secure blockchain enabled and encrypted document transfer


Media Vault:

Upload and store your media in a secure, encrypted and blockchain enabled environment.

The Embedded Vault will be launched in stages


Stage 1:

The first version will be released imminently and will include secure Wallets for Bitcoin and EOT.


Stage 2:

Within 2 or 3 days of release of stage 1, stage 2 will be released. This will include a Waves Wallet as well as an EOT coin / EOT token exchange.


Stage 3: – [ Completion end of February 2018 ]

Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Wallet added.


Stage 4: – [ Completion 31 March 2018 ]

Mac / IOS Version release


Stage 5: [ Completion 30 April 2018 ]

Secure Messaging Application


Stage 6: [ Completion 30 June 2018 ]

Secure Calling


Further development dates will be published in due course for Document Transfer, Media Vault and other applications.


The product will be available as a free download for 30 days – Click here to order your free copy



Embedded Downloads announced the new product in a memorandum dated 31 January 2018 in which they also give an update on current products under development.

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