What is Bitcoin? – New Kindle Edition

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Bit-Media recently announced the publication of its new e-book, What is Bitcoin? The e-book is available for download on Amazon.


What is Bitcoin, is a consistently high ranking search term on google and a question that our readers constantly ask.

The new Kindle book, What is Bitcoin?, is not only an introduction to Bitcoin and blockchain but also a very handy resource guide, listing numerous resources that the Bitcoin enthusiast or trader might need.



A short summary of the contents of What is Bitcoin?

Part 1 – An introduction to, What is Bitcoin?

What can I do with BTC?

How much do I need to know to be involved with Bitcoin?

Legal requirements

Part 2 – How is Bitcoin processed

Part 3 – How to trade with Bitcoin

Part 4 – How to store your Bitcoin

Part 5 – How to make money with Bitcoin

Part 6 – Bitcoin mining

Part 7 – Conclusion 

Part 8 – Resources



As you can see this is a comprehensive guide and this is a must read for any “Bitcoiner”

Fortunately, the guide is easy to get with a one-click download from Amazon.

What is Bitcoin?, is listed in the following Amazon stores.

United States

United Kingdom












So why wait? – Go to your local Amazon store and download your copy of “What is Bitcoin?”


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