EOT – 2018 and Beyond?


The following areas for Logistics and Trade Finance development:-

  1. Encrypted data transfer applications.
  2. Toolkits that would allow hardware engineers to integrate EOT into measurement devices
  3. Manufacturing of encrypted devices for measurement and tracking
  4. Blockchain encryption for the transfer of secure trade documentation
  5. Blockchain verification of goods, deliveries etc.
  6. Encrypted secure internal and cross-border payment.

The following areas of development for EOC – Encryption of Cities:-

  1. Applications that can be loaded onto current devices
  2. Toolkits that would enable hardware engineers to integrate EOT encryption and blockchain technology into connected devices.
  3. Manufacturing of Encryption devices.

Other areas of development:

  1. Applications that use EOT for encrypted communication, document and data management.
  2. Encrypted payment systems [ Including secure and encrypted Crypto Wallets ]
  3. Blockchain verification [ Eliminating fake news ]
  4. “Open Sourcing” software to encourage EOT encryption enabled development.
  5. Toolkits for Hardware and Software Engineers to facilitate EOT enabled App development
  6. Development of EOT wallets and payment systems
  7. Creating an Application environment and App store to enable EOT blockchain applications [for example BitVault® App store]
  8. Manufacturing physical communication devices that are encrypted with EOT [for example The BitVault® ]
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