What is EOTs technical information?


EOT Coin

Name:                          Encryption Of Things
Symbol:                       EOT
Coin Type:                  POW (Scrypt)

Time:                           90 seconds
Block size:                   1 MB

Reward halving:        500,000 blocks

Block reward:            100 coins

Total Coins:                200,000,000

A total of 50% is pre-mined equalling 100,000,000 EOT tokens and is available on the Waves Platform as a waves-asset.


EOT Token  

Name:                         Encryption Of Things Token

Symbol:                      EOT

Issuer:                        3PAY9wimGC8k4Eq2hbrH5DjCs82MND8MSbk
Asset ID:                     GdnNbe6E3txF63gv3rxhpfxytTJtG7ZYyHAvWWrrEbK5

Decimals:                    8

Total Supply:             100,000,000

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