What products use EOT?


As EOT is open source, individuals and businesses can integrate EOT into new or existing devices or applications to enable encryption.  Here are some examples of products that have integrated EOT:-

BitVault® will use EOT for securing messaging, secure calling and to securely store your photos and video’s. Surfing the Internet is performed safely through the Smart Router Website Authentication. This is the world’s first crypto communicator and Blockchain phone. The Bitvault® is a revolutionary new product that is built around security and privacy enabled through Blockchain technology. Biometric security enabled through fingerprint and iris scanning means authentication is a safe way to keep your Bitvault® locked. Using third-party independent multilayer security creates military-grade security for this device.

Media Vault is specifically designed to secure your photos and video’s and has been pitched to News and media companies. A journalist can rest assured the information stored is protected from prying eyes.

EOT Wallet and Password vault – keeps your passwords safe, and, CryptoDoc encrypts your documents, software applications, videos, photos or any personal information on your PC. Using EOT this application can securely transfer these files to other recipients (.pdf .doc .png and .txt).  Mac Download and Windows Download

Swiss Bank In Your Pocket (SBIYP) is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet with a suite of Blockchain applications. Current it supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and EOT and features customised encrypted USB keys.

Information on new products will be uploaded periodically – should know of any devices or applications that are using EOT for encryption, please email support@EOT.network with the relevant information to list on this website.

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